InTake - Interdisciplinary Art Forms is a multidisciplinary art festival bringing together works that stimulate all the human senses to create an immersive environment that incites audiences to take ownership and actively contribute to the artworks, thus fostering equal relations of power between artists and audiences. It introduces artists working at the intersection of performative arts, visual arts and technology, who are concerned with the creation of social spaces in which individuals assemble to engage in collective activities that, ultimately, promote alternative visions of community and conviviality.

Combining immersive artistic performances and an exhibition, InTake - Interdisciplinary Art Forms 2021 will focus on further exploring the concept proposed by its first edition. Based upon the idea that interactivity always results in different outcomes, Krea invites the artists to explore the possibilities of the role of the audience - how can the audience become material and/or performer? The festival will take place on December 10 and 11 at Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, in Den Haag.

InTake - Interdisciplinary Art Forms 2021 is organised by Stichting Krea.

Stichting Krea is a Netherlands-based foundation that develops projects focusing on contemporary art forms, and aims to create an environment that promotes connection, and interaction between art disciplines, audiences and broader society. Based in The Hague, the activities of Krea primarily focus on nurturing and expanding the city’s artistic community through the establishment of sincere and open communication channels between audiences and artists.

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Artistic Direction – Sofia Vieira & Kaan Yazıcı
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Technical Production – Kaan Yazıcı